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Going the Extra Mile For Our Customers, One Special Delivery At A Time


The expression "going the extra mile" refers to acts of service for others that go beyond what is required or expected. This is a pretty clinical way of saying that you care more about others than yourself when serving them.

[caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignright" width="224"]A look at the care package sent to Sgt. Ricky Lee A look at the care package sent to Sgt. Ricky Lee[/caption]

At, we had a very special opportunity to "go the extra mile" for a soldier serving overseas, Sergeant Ricky Lee. While stationed in Afghanistan, Sgt. Lee's mother ordered 2 knee braces for her son and asked to have them shipped directly to his base in the Afghan region. While this package would have been a wonderful gift to receive in and of itself, our staff realized that supporting this very special customer was going to take more than 2 great knee braces! His order was personalized with fresh cookies, a Sports Illustrated (Swimsuit Addition, of course!), and a card signed by the JointHealing staff with a very special message from the team. A small token of thanks that we hope produces a BIG smile!

You see, we recognize and greatly admire the strength and courage of Sgt. Ricky Lee, because he and his fellow soldiers are the embodiment of "going the extra mile". Being a member of the military is a perfect example of putting your country and your beliefs before yourself. Just as we didn't include these items for the glory, Sgt. Lee doesn't serve for the fame or praise. Serving others is what is at the heart of these actions.

To all of the heroes out there: those in the military, those in public service, and those who are simply everyday warriors - we salute you!

[caption id="attachment_1042" align="aligncenter" width="300"]We are so proud of our team! We are so proud of our team![/caption]

**A special note: A HUGE thank you to JointHealing team member Brianna! You are most definitely an everyday warrior and we are proud of you!

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