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Snow Sports are a Coming!


Snow Sports are a coming sooner than you think!

As the last leaves start to fall, so does the snow as well as the  winter sports enthusiasts.   Winter snow is already starting to accumulate in some of the higher elevations and Joint Healing has searched the internet world for some of the finest products to get you ready for the winter months and to keep you safe from injuries.

Sweetspot ski trainer

To get you in shape, we have one of the best ski trainers I have ever used.  The best part is that it is so simple and effective.  No need for installing pulleys, or special boards or surfaces or any special skills.  It is all in one simple platform you clip onto  on to your existing ski equipment.  The Sweet Spot Ski Trainer  is just that....sweet!  You just clip on any of the block you want to use (I start with the blue blocks) onto the bottom of your boots and just stand there trying to balance yourself while watching TV or even better, let other people watch you as the entertainment.   It is fun and very effective.  I only used this for 10 minutes a day for a week and presto, I was back feeling that I never left the slopes.

If you want to really build up those quads like a professional athlete, I would suggest the Complex Performance Muscle Stimulator. This device sends low level electrical stimulation to specific muscle groups while you rest and recover.  It is like working out, without breaking a sweat.   It is designed for professional athletes trying to sculpt and tone very specific muscle groups without straining or damaging their joint, ligaments or muscles.

Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate in skiing protection, you have to look at the Don Joy Ultimate eXtreme Ski Package  We have put together the best value we could find for any winter sports enthusiast looking to provide the ultimate in protection and comfort.   This package includes the widely acclaimed eXtreme ski brace which is used by many national ski teams as the brace of choice.  It is designed to not interfere with your muscle contractions or your side to side movements, while provide the best stability of any brace anywhere.  The aircraft aluminum brace provides air and ground stability not found in any other brace.  The lycra undersleeve and the pinch guard ensure the highest quality comfort and the best part is that it comes with the Sweet Spot Ski Trainer and a custom hot/cold pack.   We give this to you at a bargain price not found anywhere else on the internet.  It is truly the best value on the net.

So weather you just need to get in shape quickly, or want those sculpted quads, or you are looking for the best all around ski training and protection package, we have you covered in that sweet powder of knowing that JointHealing only supplies our snow lovers with the best the internet has to offer.



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