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The snow is starting to fall, but hopefully you will not. Skiing is a thrilling and exciting sport where you travel at high speeds on a slope with a 20-40% grade trying to keep in control. There is nothing as exciting as a great run on a sunny day keeping your body upright and in one piece as you head down to the base. Our goal at is to keep you, your skis, knees and the rest of your body safe, thus we have developed our Ultimate Ski Package. Not only does this package provide you with the best ski knee brace on the market, but it also helps train your body to keep you in control while having some fun. The package is specially priced to provide you with the DonJoy eXtreme brace which is the official brace of the US Ski Team. This brace was designed with the input of many professional skiers and engineers. The brace has a firm frame that is still designed to allow rapid muscle contractions without impairment. The anatomic sloped design in the thigh portion provides it's patented 4 point stability but still allows the quadriceps to contract for maximum response without impingement. We suggest the combined instability version protecting both your ACL and PCL without constraining any further movement or motion. To make this brace as comfortable as possible, we have added the breathable lycra under-sleeve. We also threw in the pinch guard which helps prevent your calf from pinching along the bottom frame and your ski boot.

Something new this year is the addition of what we feel is the best ski trainer around. The Skia Sweetspot Trainer is the most convenient, safest, durable and effective trainer we have ever discovered. This is a simple plate which easily straps to your ski boots along with a series of balance blocks. Stand on any flat, dry surface and balance yourself while automatically finding your sweetspot for balance.  This video shows how the program works: Sweetspot Video  The exercise forces you to find an area on your skis called the sweetspot . This spot allows you to take control of your skis and provide evenly carved, smooth turns even in the roughest conditions. Golfers, baseball players, and tennis players all understand this concept of the sweet spot on their clubs, bats and racquets. This helps you find that all important center of balance on your skis better than another other device on the market. The best part of this device is that it can be done all from the convenience and safety of your own home.  All you have to provide is a dry, flat surface such as a tile or wood floor.  In all about 5 minutes per day, you can start skiing like an expert. You can see a sample training session by clicking onto: SweetSpot Training Video  The Skia Sweetspot Trainer helps build, balance, strength and endurance while working on your core strength.  Ski experts from all over the world have used this device and praise it's ability to quickly train even the novice into finding this all important balance spot.

The specially designed Ultimate Ski Package is a one of a kind package.  You will not find this package anywhere.  We put together the highest quality products coupled with what we feel is the best ski trainer anywhere all for a discounted price. Here is what you get in this specially designed package:

If purchased separately, this would cost $668.84 , but we offer this at an amazing discounted price of $570 which includes absolutely free domestic shipping.   That's a savings of over $100 with the free shipping!   Keep sharp, Keep in shape and Keep Safe with the Ultimate Ski Package from

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