TREATMENT - Rotator Cuff Surgery

Sometimes, despite your best efforts to strengthen and loosen the shoulder, surgery is necessary to correct a rotator cuff tear. This may be especially true in a younger person who needs to go back to heavy lifting or extensive overhead activity.

Rotator cuff repair surgery can be done either through traditional larger incisions, through a "mini-open" technique that uses a smaller incision, or completely arthroscopically using multiple small incisions. Which technique will be used to repair the cuff depends on the particular experience of your surgeon and on the type/size of your rotator cuff tear.

The basis of the surgery is relatively simple: re-attach the detached/torn rotator cuff muscle. In addition, most surgeons will remove a spur on the undersurface of the acromion bone that usually has developed in conjunction with the tear (which came first is sort of an orthopedic chicken-and-egg story).

After surgery, rehabilitation will be critical to your recovery:

  • First, it will be important to control your pain. Your doctor will prescribe narcotics. In addition, cryotherapy is extremely useful in providing pain relief after surgery. The DonJoy Iceman is the device recommended by many surgeons to help decrease pain after shoulder surgery. For a more portable solution that does not require electricity, consider the PolarCare Cub as a highly effective way to control your pain after surgery. The DonJoy Durakold unit is an economical cryotherapy option.

  • Second, you need to perform the proper exercises to guide your shoulder to recovery. Following your surgeon's plan is very important. Often, you will be sent to physical therapy after surgery to help regain motion and strength. In our experience, however, people who do their therapy at home, in addition to at their therapists office, will have the best and fastest recovery. This means having the right shoulder exercise equipment at home. Our Deluxe Shoulder Therapy Set is just the answer. It gives you professional quality equipment (just like some of the devices physical therapists use in their office) at an extremely affordable price. You may decrease your recovery time by months!

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