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DonJoy J Brace

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The DonJoy "J" knee brace is designed to stabilize the patella from lateral tracking (to the outside of the knee). It is designed for people with chondromalacia patella, excess lateral pressure syndrome, and people with dislocating or subluxating kneecaps. This brace is also made of the exclusive Drytex material, which is very breathable and more comfortable than neoprene.

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This is the most popular patella (kneecap) stabilizing knee brace in the world! It is useful for people with

The DonJoy Lateral J knee brace helps stabilize the kneecap (to keep it from sliding out of socket) and also to diminish pain.

Made by DonJoy, the Lateral J knee brace has been used by countless thousands of people with kneecap problems. We are pleased to offer it in the Drytex fabric, which is much more breathable and comfortable than neoprene.

Features include:

  • Tubular lateral "J" buttress for support and stabilization of the patella.
  • Lateral-to-medial straps allow you to adjust exactly how much support you want.
  • Comfortable Drytex fabric is more comfortable, and less allergenic than neoprene.
  • Made by Donjoy, the world's most trusted knee brace manufacturer.
  • Flexible and comfortable, it can be worn around the home, and also during sports.

Frequent questions:

  • How does it work? The natural tendency of the patella (knee-cap) is to tend go out to the side of the knee. This is due to the alignment of the average person's bones, as well as muscle forces and ligaments. In some people, this force that pushes the kneecap out to the side can become excessive and cause pain on the outside of the kneecap or underneath the kneecap (see chondromalacia). In other people, trauma can cause loosening of the ligaments and cause the kneecap to partially or completely dislocate (see patellar instability). This can also happen without any serious trauma. The "J brace" protects against these problems by providing a tubular buttress that acts as a "speed bump" to prevent the patella from jumping laterally, as well as providing a constant gentle force to keep it in socket properly.
  • Are there any hinges or metals stays on this brace? No. This brace is purely a patella stabilizing brace, and as such, does not have any metal stays. If you'd like a brace that does, please see our DonJoy Drytex Hinged Knee Brace, or DonJoy Playmaker.
  • Is there a different brace for right and left knees? Yes. The position of the "J" buttress is different, depending on whether the brace is designed to fit a right or left knee - please specify below.
  • What color is the brace? The brace only comes in black, because it is made of Drytex. You may have seen pictures of this brace in blue - that's neoprene - and we do not carry it, because we have found Drytex to be far superior.

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