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ProCare Leg Elevator

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Full foam construction to elevate and maintain proper knee and lower leg position at 45 angle. Ideal for patients with leg casts, or those requiring stable elevation and internal/external rotation.
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Most orthopedic surgeons would agree that elevating and icing your leg after an injury or surgery is a good basic technique to reduce pain and swelling. However, this advice is easier to give than actually carry out. Elevating your leg on pillows can be difficult because the leg rolls side to side and any ice you place over the leg rolls off into your lap causing a wet mess. In addition, the pillows can become compacted and flatten out over time making the elevation less effective.

We have been recommending this leg elevator to our patients for over the past ten years and we are very happy with the design and reliability. Here are some of the features we like:

  • Dense foam construction preventing compacting and loss of height. Yet, it is moldable enough to customize to the shape of your leg.

  • Comfortable angle for the knee and hip taking pressure off the lower back.

  • High rail design to prevent the leg from falling off which can be painful. It keeps the leg in the perfect alignment.

  • Foam insulation allows the ice or cryotherapy to work easier keeping the leg cool longer.

  • Easier to elevate your leg when you sleep at night than on pillows, which are prone to shifting and allowing your leg to fall off.

  • High rail design helps keep ice on the leg and not on the floor.

  • Foam material has a higher coefficient of friction meaning that it won't slide off the bed and your leg won't slide off the elevator. Other vinyl designs cannot make these claims.

  • Easy cleaning and storage.

  • 31.5 inches (L) x 10 inches (H).

This leg elevator is a good choice for patients with ACL tears, ACL reconstruction, meniscus tears, collateral ligament tear, ankle sprains, or anyone looking to reduce pain after surgery. The leg elevator is just one our recommendations to help reduce your pain after surgery.

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