ProCare Industrial Back Support w/ Compression Pad

SKU #: 79-97032

ProCare Industrial Back Support w/Compression Pad provides support to the low back for people whose jobs require heavy lifting.

The construction includes plastic stays and elastic with an 8" molded back for proper fit, support and compression. Elastic construction with 8" molded back compression pad Two 6" plastic stays to ensure proper support.

Measurements taken from Male Waist orFemale Hip Contact closure Suspenders (Universal) Available

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People who work for a living know that the term back breaking work is actually true. Standing, lifting, pushing, pulling all add up to soreness and pain. This is why many major chain stores provide braces to their employees. They know this keeps their employees safe and working. We have also found this in our own practice. Patients with minor muscle strains of the back would improve with simple bracing. We have personally tested these braces and feel this is one of the best and most comfortable.

Here are a few of the reasons we like this brace:

  • Comfortable fit — This brace is contoured along the sides to fit comfortably below your ribs while supporting the central structures of your abdomen and back muscles.

  • Compression pad — This scientifically designed pad places the most support along the central part of your lower back. This is where most people have the most strain and the extra support is helpful. Small nodes within the pad gently massage the pressure points in your lower back muscles.

  • Adjustable support levels — There are two side pulls which allow you to adjust the level of support you desire. This is especially important if you sit and stand often. When you sit, you can loosen the brace to make it more comfortable. However, when you stand or just before lifting, you can tighten the sides for extra support.

  • Breathable material — This latex free material is stretchable and yet cool and comfortable to wear most of the day.

  • Reminding your body to avoid certain positions of risk — The brace acts as a restraint to remind your body not to bend so much at the waist and to lift with your legs more than your lower back. Thus, this and other braces help retrain your body to avoid positions that would hurt your back.

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