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Steve Petitt, inventor of FIZIO by Recover Gear

Steve Petitt

Steve Petitt, seven time Ironman Hawaii competitor, former professional baseball player and inventor of FIZIO by Recover Gear knew there had to be a better way to recover from a hard training session than sitting in yet another ice bath. From there FIZIO by Recover Gear was born. The product line includes tights for the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, a shirt with pockets on the shoulders and lower back. Shorts with pockets on the quadriceps and hamstrings, and Sleeves for the ankle, knee and elbow that can be pulled onto those areas with the hot or cold packs already inserted in the pockets.

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Played 3 seasons in the St. Louis Cardinals Organization.
  • 2nd in the South Atlantic league to Tom Glavine in E.R.A in 1986.
  • Ironman Hawaii 7 time competitor with a 9:42 PR.
  • 2nd 40-44 Ironman Florida with a 9:37.
  • 10th overall at 1990 World Duathlon Championships.
  • Multiple Triathlon and Duathlon All American with numerous local victories.

After years of having dripping ice bags balanced on his pitching arm and sitting in miserable ice baths, Steve Petitt decided to invent something better.

The users of the product include world class athletes, recreational athletes, patients undergoing rehabilitation, as well as people with every day aches and pains. Kyle D. Alford, DPT is a physical therapist at Heekin Orthopedic Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and has this to say about FIZIO by Recover Gear: "I have been using the upper body Recover Gear Fizio garment as I recover from my shoulder surgery. It is definitely comfortable and easy to use. But the reason I use recover gear for myself and I recommend it for my patients is because you can ice down without having to sit down. It's hands free and I can stay active and even work while I'm wearing it."

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