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Athlete Profiles

Jeffrey Burke customer, Jeffrey Burke, is a 52 year-old competitive powerlifter. He suffered what started as a minor shoulder injury while performing a wide-grip bench press. His pain worsened over time so that each time he lowered the bar to his chest, he experienced severe pain.

After consulting with his physician and receiving cortisone shots and pharmacological therapy, the pain returned each time he stopped the medication. This cycle continued for a year.

Frustrated with his healing progress, Mr. Burke ordered our Deluxe Shoulder Therapy Kit and as he reports, "just started on page 1, doing every exercise in the book three times a week." Within three weeks of performing the exercises that come along with the kit he reported, "I began to gain mobility and the pain started to decrease."

Mr. Burke continues, "Without ever stopping my powerlifting routine, I kept doing the rotator cuff exercises, and at this point [4 months later] I am 90% better, and have stopped relying on medications and ice to manage pain. So thanks; the kit does what it's supposed to do: improve mobility, stability and strength. [The kit is also] a great warm up routine for bench pressing. I just wanted to tell you how much the shoulder therapy kit has helped."

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