Ovation Comfort Wrist Brace

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Comfortable design and materials for patient compliance. Thin web space for patient comfort. mmobilizes the wrist while allowing full motion of hand and fingers. Allows for 90° MP range of motion. Wide thumb hole for unimpeded web motion and pinching. Indications: Tendonitis Selected Injuries Post Cast Healing Soft Tissue Injuries

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This is wrist brace we can actually talk about. Normally, wrist braces are boring since most of them are all the same until we ran across this brace. At first glance we noticed that this was unique. The material is soft, yet supportive. In addition, the material is breathable and comfortable. This brace also passed our one hand test. You may ask...what is the one hand test? Well, if you have an injured hand, you only have one hand to put on a brace by yourself. This brace passed with flying colors. It was by far the easiest brace to put on and take off with one hand. You would be surprised how many manufacturers and designers fail to realize this simple point.

As for comfort, the web space around your thumb is nice and narrow yet padded to avoid rubbing and chafing. The thumbhole is especially designed to allow full motion (called circumduction in doctor talk) of your thumb for easy grasping and pinching. The designers of this brace also allowed your knuckles to be free from impingement with a nicely padded edge. This is important if you want to grasp or hold things while you are in the brace.

The extra padding on the back and front of the brace allows even and comfortable compression and support without pressing two hard on your wrist. Some other manufacturers only have a metal bar on one side covered by a leather material that can cut into your wrist. This brace is nothing like this. It provides even compression and support from both the top and bottom for the optimal support with a nicely padded design.

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