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Ovation Plantar Fasciitis Dorsal Night Splint

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Compliance ensured

Light weight and slim design improves compliance.

Effective treatment for Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Drop Foot, Post-Static Pain and other soft tissue injuries.

Easy to apply and adjust. Lowers inventory, comes in just 2 sizes fitting either foot.

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The Plantar Fasciitis Dorsal Night Splint is one of the best night splints we have ever evaluated. When we would use night splints in the past for heel pain, they were nothing more than glorified ankle braces. However, this brace is different. This actually works on the top of the foot to stretch the heel or Achilles tendon more effectively than other braces. In addition, we have noticed that this brace is much more comfortable to wear since it does not push on the heel where most patients have their pain.

Talk to most experts about the best treatments for plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis and they will say stretch, stretch and stretch. The key to relieving the pain is stretching the Achilles tendon complex.

This brace is one of the best we have seen to provide the best stretch of this area with the greatest comfort. The brace actually fits only on the top or dorsal side of your foot thus stretching the back of your heel with ease and comfort. Your heel can sit on your comfortable mattress and sheets instead of a sweaty and confining plastic brace. Not only is this comfortable, it is also adjustable. The soft Velcro straps allow you to adjust the amount of stretch you want which allows you to customize your treatment unlike any other brace. Because this brace is only on the top of your foot, it is very light weight which means that you are more than likely to use this brace on a nightly basis leading to a quicker recovery.

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