Ossur C180 Rocket Children's Knee Brace

The C180 Rocket Children's knee brace is specifically designed for kids knees. It helps to protect their knees from almost all types of instability. It is particularly useful for children in sports such as motocross.
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We are pleased to offer the Innovation Sports C180 Rocket Knee Brace for children. This knee brace has been designed specifically for use by modern-day athletic kids who are constantly pushing the edge of their sports performance, as well as their developing bodies.

The knee brace utilizes Innovation Sports' renowned Accutrac hinge system, the same hinges utilized in their world-famous C.Ti.2 knee braces. This system allows for accurate femoral rollback during knee flexion to properly track your child's knee motion kinematics. The knee brace is very light and designed with active children in mind. The knee brace is also breathable and water-resistant.

Importantly, it is probably the best off-the-shelf children's brace we have seen and because it is off-the-shelf, it is quite affordable relative to the amount of knee joint protection it will provide. Many physicians recommend prophylactic bracing of knees for motocross racing, in particular (prophylactic means "preventative", or trying to protect against an injury). This knee brace does have an optional Motocross Kit, specifically for this purpose, to help provide protection of the knee from direct impact or flying debris.

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