Solutions - Motocross

We offer the following solutions for motocross racers who have injured themselves:

ACL tears

Our DonJoy eXtreme Armor and Ossur CTi OTS Pro Sport knee braces are the industry-standard knee stability braces for motocross. Of course, you have seen other racers with braces that have shiny covers, with lots of colors, etc. But you have to decide what you want: a brace for show, or a state-of-the-art brace that will provide you stability to continue to ride. For a more economical option, consider our DonJoy Legend brace. If you are seriously into motocross, but sure to check out our Ossur CTi OTS Pro Sport Motocross MX Knee Brace Package.

Shoulder injuries

First, control your pain and swelling with one of our cryotherapy units. Our PolarCare Cub is designed specifically for outdoor events, because it does not require electricity. Second, be sure to rehab your shoulder to get back strength and stability. Our Deluxe Shoulder Therapy Set has everything you need to get you back in shape!

Ankle sprains

For stability after an acute ankle sprain (a recent injury that you have sustained), our Aircast Sprain Care Kit is the one-stop solution: it includes a brace as well as equipment to rehabilitate your ankle. If you have recurrent ankle problems (it keeps giving way), the Ascend Stabilizer is a low-profile brace that you can wear while you ride.


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