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Just ask anyone who has ever done it: motocross is one of the most dangerous sports there is. High speeds, combined with rough terrain, and the uncertainty of what other riders are doing, all combine to add to the excitement of this sport.

The advent of safer helmets has certainly helped to decrease the devastating head injuries that are possible in this sport. Fortunately, most injuries are relatively minor, such as:

  • Lacerations: cuts and scrapes.
  • Contusions: bad bruises.

However, we have seen plenty of orthopedic injuries that do require treatment. These include:

ACL tears

This sport definitely puts a major stress on the knee. Unexpected landings, or getting thrown from the bike, can cause severe knee injuries, which typically involve a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament. Most riders are familiar with these injuries because many have friends who have sustained them. Without the ACL providing the necessary stability to the knee, landing jumps is extremely difficult. Sometimes surgery is necessary. Depending on the state of your knee, your doctor may allow you to wait until the off-season to have the reconstruction. Fortunately, we offer state of the art knee braces, with special accessories designed just for motocross racers. Visit our Motocross Solutions page to learn more. These are useful both before surgery (to provide stability) and after surgery (to protect the ACL graft).

Shoulder dislocations

If you are thrown from your bike, and land the wrong way, dislocating the shoulder can happen easily. Learn more about shoulder dislocations.

Clavicle (collarbone) fractures, AC (shoulder) separations

Flying over the handlebars headfirst often causes these injuries. Luckily, most of them do not require surgery, but you may be out of commission for several weeks while they heal. Often, cryotherapy helps to bring down swelling after a shoulder separation.

Ankle sprains

Putting your foot down the wrong way coming off a turn can cause an inversion injury to the ankle, also known as an ankle sprain. Luckily, these are not usually too severe and can be treated easily with a brace while it heals.

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