Low Back Sprain/Strain -- injury to lower back muscles and ligaments

Low Back Sprain/Strain

Soreness of the muscles, tendons and ligaments of your lower back is the most common complaint given by people like yourself.

Lower back sprains and strains usually due to repetitive lifting or straining of your lower back muscles, tendons and ligaments. Sometimes, it can happen after a single attempt at trying to lift something too heavy for you, or by using poor posture while lifting.

The pain localized over the lower part of your back (sometimes called the "small" of your back) and is described as soreness and aching. Occasionally, you may experience a sharp pain with sudden movements such as twisting or bending over to pick something up. It is often severe. The pain is sometimes relieved with lying flat on your back or with the use of heat or ice. The pain does NOT travel down your leg. Nor does it cause numbness or weakness. This pain may last for several weeks or longer in severe cases.

Your doctor may take x-rays to make sure you do not have arthritis, or any other disease. Depending on your age and symptoms, however, x-rays may not even be necessary. Rarely is an MRI necessary for pain that primarily stays in your back.

This is a very common cause of disability.

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