Which symptoms (complaints) typically go with which diagnoses? Learn more below about pain, giving way, locking and swelling.


The location of your pain is the most important part in determing what may be going on in your knee. If you have pain "all over" click here.

Giving way

This is the feeling of instability of the knee. The knee feels like it is loose or wants to give out on you. Some people say it is like "walking on rollerskates". This can be related to ligament injuries (e.g., ACL tear), arthritis, a dislocating kneecap, and meniscus tears. Find out more about giving way.


Locking is the sensation that your knee is getting stuck in a certain position. Learn more about locking.


This is a common occurrence with many knee problems. It can be caused by ligament tears, arthritis, patellar instability, infections, and cartilage tears. Click here to learn more about swelling.

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