ANATOMY - Knee 2

Part II: Knee Anatomy

Between the thighbone (femur) and shinbone (tibia), there are two semicircular rings of cartilage which are called menisci ("MEN-NIS-KI"). These also supply more added stability to your knee when the knee twists or pivots. Just like the collateral ligament, the inside meniscus is called the medial meniscus. This meniscus is also partially attached to the medial collateral ligament. Thus sometimes, when one is injured, the other is also injured. The outside meniscus is called the lateral meniscus. Unlike the medial side, this lateral meniscus is not attached to the collateral ligament. Thus, there is a rare association of a meniscus and collateral ligament tear.

The major two tendons of your knee are connected to your kneecap (patella). The tendon below the patella is called the patellar tendon (but really is technically a ligament since it connects your bone to another bone). The tendon above your patella is called the quadriceps tendon.

The kneecap or patella moves between a specially designed groove on your femur called chondyles. Movement of your patella outside of these chondyles can result in a subluxation (when it just moves partially out of the groove) or a total dislocation when the patella moves completely out of the groove.

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