The Foot and Ankle

ankle and  foot

Please follow the links below to learn more about your foot and ankle, symptoms of problems in this area, specific diseases and injuries to the foot and ankle, and how to get relief from your pain or instability!

  • Anatomy
    Learn about the various structures that make up the foot and ankle including the plantar fascia and important ankle ligaments.
  • Symptoms
    Read about typical symptoms that patients with ankle and foot problems experience.
  • Diseases
    Discover the various problems and injuries that can happen to the ankle and foot.
  • Solutions
    Heal your ankles and feet!

StabPro2.jpg DonJoy Stabilizing Speed Pro Ankle Brace Be the first one to write a review $30.00

The new Stabilizing Speed Pro ankle brace reduces the chance of ankle injury by 61%1. Featuring a contoured design made with rugged ballistic nylon, reinforced eyelets, 3” circumferential compression strap and removable articulated stays. The Stabilizing Speed Pro brace give trainers confidence that the vulnerable ankles of their athletes are protected. In addition to all the benefits of the Stabilizing Pro, the new Stabilizing Speed Pro brace features a “speed-lacing” system that makes applying the brace exceptionally fast and easy.

02ARK_ankle_sprain_care_kit_right_large_lowres.jpg Aircast Ankle Sprain Care Kit Be the first one to write a review $36.00

Our Ankle Sprain Care Kit is designed to help people recover from an acute ankle sprain. It contains a state-of-the-art AirCast splint/brace, compressive wrap, exercise band, instruction book, and video that will give you exercises to help recover from your injury.

DonJoy Velocity Ankle-MS.jpg DonJoy Velocity MS Ankle Brace DonJoy Velocity MS Ankle Brace
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DonJoy Velocity MS Ankle Brace - Left Large Standard

Procare Heel Cups_medium.jpg ProCare Heel Cup ProCare Heel Cup
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Molded medical-grade soft silicone to help reduce shock and vibration loads to joints, to address Plantar Fasciitis, heel spurs and Achilles tendonitis. Softer center in heel region to help reduce strain to area sensitive to pain. Sold in pairs.

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