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DonJoy Playmaker

SKU #: 11-0759-X-06000
DonJoy Playmaker
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The Wraparound Enhanced Playmaker knee brace features include

  • Patented 4-point dynamic leverage system controls all major knee instabilities.

  • Low profile

  • Polycentric hinge with contoured condyle shells

  • Wraparound design makes it easy to contour all leg/thigh shapes and sizes.

  • Specifically designed for use in all types of sports activities.

  • Drytex fabric is very durable and more breathable than neoprene (which most other knee braces, including the "old" Playmaker, are made of). There is also less chance for allergic reactions to the fabric, which has been known to occur with neoprene.

What the Playmaker will do for you

  • The DonJoy Enhanced Drytex Playmaker knee brace is designed to give your knee stability in many directions (front/back and side-to-side).

  • It supports your ligaments to allow them to heal if they have been injured (such as with an MCL tear).

  • It provides long-term support for ligaments that have been torn and not reconstructed (such as an ACL).

  • If you have had surgery and want some extra support when you return to sports, this is the knee brace for you.

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