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DonJoy Cartilage ("Comfort") Knee

SKU #: 11-0243-X
Provides compression and stability for meniscus tear, swelling, bursitis, and minor ACL tears.
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This DonJoy knee brace is designed to provide comfort to the knee by providing gentle compression and support. It is useful for people with

This knee brace is made by DonJoy, one of the world's leading knee brace manufacturers. They market this as the "Cartilage Knee Brace", but we call it the "comfort knee brace" because it more accurately describes what this knee brace does: provides comfort to an injured or painful knee.

Why buy the comfort knee sleeve instead of a store-bought knee brace?

  • Most store-bought knee braces are made of neoprene, which can get very hot and cause allergic reactions. Our DonJoy knee brace brace is made of a heavy knit cotton. Not only is it more breathable, but it is also simply much more comfortable than neoprene.

  • This knee brace provides gentle medial/lateral support, whereas most simple "neoprene sleeves" do not.

  • We have not seen another knee brace with the cushion in the front of the knee that provides such protection to your painful kneecap (patella).

  • It is very close in price to much inferior products you would buy at a neighborhood pharmacy!

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