DonJoy TEAM Ankle Therapy Kit

SKU #: 11-1540

Our Deluxe Ankle Therapy kit is designed to help you strengthen and stretch your ankle safely after an injury or surgery. It is also useful for chronic conditions that require strengthening and stretching to heal them (see our Foot Disorders page for more information).

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The most reliable way to rehabilitate your ankle for virtually any ankle problem!

Our ankle therapy kit is made by DonJoy, one of the top orthopedic equipment supply companies. This set is very durable and made of brand-name Theraband® tubing. This set is designed to be used as exercise equipment by people with ankle problems, at home. If you have a door in your house, you can use everything in this kit. It is very simple to set up and comes with an instruction book and suggested exercises for use with various diseases (you should check with your doctor if you plan to use this for any specific disease; we suggest taking in the instruction manual to your physician and having him/her circle the exercises you should do for your particular problem) including

  • Acute ankle sprains

  • Chronic ankle sprains

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

Do your therapy at home and save hundreds of dollars!!

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