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The following are unsolicited testimonials from customers just like you! (Used only with the customer's permission.)

The Brace arrived yesterday. Thanks for the great service and fast delivery. After adjusting it twice, I wore it for seven straight hours. The memory foam and padded straps make it very comfortable; the upper curved contour fits well at the thigh; easily removable with the four buckles. A pair of new shoes fits well when we don't feel them. The OA Everyday feels like that. Will order another for my right knee for need a matching pair. I like my third and best DonJoy brace, an upgrade form the Hinged Knee and Playmaker.

-Margaret - Canada


Congratulations to your Company!!!!! I am astounded with the speed and efficiancy of how you handled my order and could not let this pass without reference to this. I placed an order for an OA Everyday knee brace on Monday, 10th November. Considering that I live in Scotland, I elected to have it shipped by FedEx international as I was anxious to have it as soon as possible. Within minutes you had everything arranged and informed me by email and I was very impressed with your organising of the order. Received my order at 4pm today, well within the limits stated in your email. I have now assembled and fitted the brace and it feels fine at the moment. So, now comes the big test!!!!! Here's hoping that it turns-out to be as good as what I think it will be...easing the pain that I have at the moment. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company such as yours as in today's world there are not many that are as good. Thanking you once again.

— W.T., Dundee, Scotland

Thanks, I've ordered a playmaker on saturday and it arrived 4 days after. What a speedy service from a company so far from my home. I am really pleased with my brace and will order for sure in the future.

— M.

Thank you for having such a wonderful website, I had found the brace that I needed and at a wonderful price and when I received it, it was great quality and fit wonderful. I will be sure to tell all my friends about this wonderful site.

— B.M., Lawton, OK

I wanted to say "THANK YOU" for the "Iceman"! I had my ACL replaced and a torn miniscus repaired and thanks to your product, I had very little pain! I had knee surgery 26 years ago as a teenager and was in excruciating pain for about a week. When my Dr. suggested we use your product, I was open to the idea...unfortunately, my insurance company was not so enthused, but I wrote them a testimonial about my ease of recovery and minimized pain and told them this is a necessary product for all surgerical recoveries! They finally agreed to pay and I sent them another letter of gratitude. Thanks again for a superior product!

— L.M., Olathe, KS

I want you to know what a great experience it has been to deal with a company that understands the value of customer service. First I ordered the wrong brace (which was returned and processed in a very timely manner), then ordered the correct item, a J brace, that ended up to be too big (you may want to check your sizing, I was smack in the middle of the XL range). After reaching out to Scott, he quickly sent me out a replacement large J brace, even before receiving the XL return. This worked wonderfully. I hope I don't need any additional products from you, but I will strongly recommend your company to anyone who I know that can use your products. Again, I appreciate the excellent experience. Keep up the good work.

— B.S., Ivyland, PA

Thank you so much for your excellent service. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you. When I discovered my first 'armor' brace was too small (due to me incorrectly measuring my knee circumference) I thought I'd never get another in time for my ski holiday. However, thanks to your absolutely efficient system of order & dispatch, I am all set to ski Thredbo (all be it with a totally torn ACL). Also, I really appreciate my account being credited so promptly after you received my returned brace. I now have more to spend on my holiday!

— N.B., Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for the prompt shipment of my first order. I am ordering again because of the promptness of delivery and the quality of the DonJoy braces. Also, I appreciate all the information you provide on your website.

— J.S., Fallon, NV

Just got my brace—thank you-I love it. I wear my brace everyday when I teach Karate Class. Without it, I would not be able to do so.... I am VERY HAPPY WITH MY BRACE.

— D.G., Friendswood, TX

I have been impressed with the performance of the DonJoy hinged brace. The DryTex material has been a real benefit over the traditional neoprene material. I must admit I have been even more impressed with the professional customer service I have received as a first time customer.

— V.K., Evans, WA

A note to say THANK YOU! ... I can't thank you enough for your follow-up and information ... I also appreciated the shipping updates ... I will be forwarding information regarding to friends and family!

—E.F., Westminster, CO

Thank you so much ... The fact that you took to time to take care of my order really makes me happy. I was planning on getting this brace to try it out, see how it affects my skiing, then I was planning on getting a really good one for the long term. I will definitely buy the better brace from you guys.

—C.K., New York, NY

Excellent, very helpful website. I have recommended your site to a friend ..."

—P.L., San Francisco, CA

Many thanks for your help. The ... brace arrived today and fits perfectly. Best wishes for success ... I'll be happy to provide references regarding your responsiveness.

—P.B., Dallas, TX

Just wanted to thank you for your kindness in expediting my order of heel cups so I could have them for my trip. They arrived just in the nick of time ... I wanted to let you know that I showed my medical doctor the heel cups I purchased from you, and that he was extremely impressed with their quality. Thanks for the great product!

—D.W., Morgan Hill, CA

Thank you for your website. I am having an acl reconstruction ... With information from my surgeon, physical therapist and your site, I now feel much better about what is to come over the next months. Thank you again!!!

—K.B., Murfreesboro, TN

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help. Received the brace this morning, and it was just what I was needing. Thanks again!

—D.C., Peoria, IL

Thanks for your quick response, I received the brace yesterday ... the brace looks good and seemed to hold my knee together quite well. I haven't exerted full power on it yet but I was getting close. Thank you for your time and energy.

—H.C., Arvada, CO

I was very very happy with the speedy service I received when ordering. And the comfort brace was everything I have been looking for. Thanks!

—C.O., Ashland, OH

Despite searching very hard I could spot no error, with the management, corporation, website or any other thing. Its certainly great! A great place to buy from, extremely effecient.

—M.Q., Islamabad, Pakistan

Thank you so much for offering up the best prices for braces anywhere on the web! I looked for months trying to find a better deal on DonJoy Braces, and your site by far offers the best prices for the highest quality. I've bought from other sites before, promising a higher quality brace for a low price only to be disappointed time and again. Also, your site is by far the most imformative and helpful in trying to choose the right product for one's needs. Many others offer little to no information on the braces OR the problem. Thanks again!

—S.G., Medford, OR

Well what can I say — I arrived home from hospital today after my knee operation to find that the brace i ordered on Sunday has arrived. From order to shipping to the UK in under a week absoutely first class! The brace is superb. I fail to see how any UK company could match your customer service,delivery and product quality. I will recommend your company to my fellow police officers and rugby players. Thank you once again, a very satisfied customer.

—C.C., Stansted, United Kingdom

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your help. I found your website over two years ago while nervously awaiting a complete knee overhaul. It was and is a very helpful and, more importantly, reassuring source of information. I have ordered a few braces over the years and have always been happy with quality of the products, the knowledgeable way that they are presented on your site and, above all, the helpfulness of the people who take time to respond to my many dumb questions. In particular, Carole responded to my most recent question. Her response was very fast, very helpful and showed me that a real person had made sure to give me the right advice. As a guy who logs a ton of hours in customer service, I really apreciated that.

—J.H., Portland, OR

My thanks to Drs. Loniewski and Farjo for the website. I happened on it by chance and was literally moved to tears when I began reading it. I spent many years as a medical librarian in a hospital setting responding to questions from medical, dental and nursing staff, ancillary staff, administrative staff, hospital attornies, patients and their families, and the public. I recognize a good thing when I see it, especially for its clarity and excellent illustrations. I learned more here than I did from my own orthopedic surgeon.

—Anonymous (by request of customer), Indiana

Just a short note to commend your company/staff on the excellent service that you have provided me over the past year....I have purchased, online, four knee braces and I have been impressed with the quick turn-around, processing, and RAPID delivery of your product!!!!

—L.B., Bedford Heights, OH

I would like to say Karen, who returned call a number of times, to make sure that my questions were handled, and I like how my order was followed though with the important shipping order number. I like my knee brace very much!!!

—C.C., El Cerrito, CA

I ordered this same brace a couple of weeks ago for my left knee, it has really helped. I especially noticed how much more stable and comfortable my knee was doing my barbell squats — so I'm getting another one for my right knee for protection and comfort while doing my weight lifting. Thanks for the quick ship time, I appreciate doing business with your company.

—C.R., Bastrop, TX

"You have one of the best (informative) web sites that I have ever seen. I know how my knees feel and the questions that I have. You answer all of them and give me options. I did not want a $25.00 brace from the surgical supply store that works "for every knee problem". I want a brace for "my knee"! And I found it on your web site! Thanks.

—J.M, West Paterson, NJ

Hi, Knee brace arrived today — ordered Sunday — delivered to UK Thursday. Fantastic service. Brace is pretty good too. So is your web site: easy to use and unbeatable diagnostic help. Congratulations and thanks.

—M.A., Durham State, United Kingdom

I don't think I've ever had customer service quite like that which you have provided! You are truly a credit to your company ... Again, thank you so much for going the extra mile to take care of my order the way you did. Please express my appreciation to all involved.

—L.P., Inverness, FL

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