Occurs when the nerves around your tailbone may have been irritated from trauma such as a break in your tailbone or irritation of the nerves surrounding your tailbone. Your tailbone is referred to as the coccyx thus, chronic pain to this area is known as coxodynia. The pain of coxodynia usually occurs for a long time (over six weeks) and begins at your tailbone. The pain can travel into your lower buttocks and occasionally into your groin. The pain is described as a constant ache. The pain becomes worse with sitting or lying on the tailbone. The pain is sometimes relieved with lying on your side to keep the pressure off your tailbone.

The treatment of coxodynia is "symptomatic"; that means doing things that help to relieve your pain. Over the counter medications usually help. Sometimes a special "doughnut" that you can sit on and take the pressure off your tailbone also can be prescribed.

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