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Bort GenuZip Knee Brace

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BORT Select GenuZip®

High-quality patella fixation support for stabilisation and relief of the knee joint. Side zip fastener makes it easy to put on/remove

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Do you ever wish you could get a great fitting knee brace on and off quicker than your sweat pants? Well, we tested the only side zipper brace in the world and we were impressed by the comfort and support of the GenuZip knee brace line by Bort. The GenuZip knee brace was designed by Rudi Bort, a German engineer who is also an avid sportsman. He wanted a brace that would set him apart from other manufacturers and he worked hard within his family owned and run business to develop one of the most innovative and comfortable braces we have come across.

Some of the great features of this brace include:

  • Patella fixation bandage with integrated silicone ring.
  • Zip fastener for easy putting on and taking off.
  • One splint each side for improved lateral stability.
  • Padding for the hollow of the knee to provide optimal wearing comfort.
  • Strong dual-tension quality.

This knee brace is a snap to put on. Simply attach the knee brace to your calf and close zip fastener. Next, pull up the knee brace into position. That's it! It's just as easy to take off. Bend slightly, open the zip fastener completely, and you're finished! Note that you don't have to bend down all the way to put this on or take it off. What an advantage especially if you have an injured knee!

With this knee brace being so easy to put on and take off you may wonder if this is the brace for you. Well, it could be if you have patellar (knee cap) problems, minor ligament strains or sprains or if you have early degeneration of the knee or knee cap (arthritis or chondromalacia).

The GenuZip knee brace is hand made in Germany by well trained and hand picked employees of the Bort Medical Group. The quality shows in the fine tailoring and exact tapered fit. It is made from the breathable and comfortable micro fibre material. Actually, it is flat woven instead of tubular. This gives a more anatomical correct fit, which only flat knitting can provide. They are made from special machines that have been imported from Switzerland. A circular silicone pad on the patella, an additional pad in the hollow of the knee and a durable zipper have all been sewn-in, by hand, to provided optimal comfort and compression, in just the right places. Biomechanically engineered stabilizers are fitted into the brace to provide a feeling of maximum support.

This knee brace is made so well that it comes with a limited 3 year warranty. This is unheard off in the knee brace industry. It is a tribute to the quality design and manufacturing of this brace. In fact, the distributor of this knee brace has informed us that she has never seen one returned for a manufacture defect.

Rudi Bort, Founder and designer of the GenuZip Knee Brace, which provides excellent support for pain relief of the arthritic knee, knees with chondromalacia, problems with knee caps and knee ligament strains and sprainsRudi Bort, Founder

The GenuZip is a great knee brace for walking, jogging and just getting the chores done around the house. It is a wonderful choice for the active person trying to keep some of the pounds off.

However, don't get us wrong, the GenuZip knee brace is not for everyone. If you have a thinner leg with average size thigh, the GenuZip knee brace will work great. However, if you have a larger leg, especially, if you have larger thighs, either order the "Plus" size of this brace, or you may want to consider our DonJoy Comfort knee brace or the DonJoy Drytex Hinged knee brace. The ideal knee is Rudi Bort's knee as pictured. Of course! He designed it!

We are proud to offer the only side zipper knee brace in the world and we are confident that you will enjoy this brace as much as Rudi.


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