Total Joint Recovery Made Simple Helps Reduce The Anxiety

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Many people facing the decision of a joint replacement are anxious about their recovery which is a legitimate concern.  However, the road to recovery can be made simple, effective and fun with some new products in line to be released by in the upcoming months.   “What patients need is an organized, proven and fun plan.” said Edward Loniewski, DO, FACOS, FAOAO who is a fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon in Michigan and one of the founders of    ” I see people everyday who appear confused, scared and anxious about their recovery after a joint replacement.” says Loniewski who is the former director of the St. Joseph Mercy Bone and Joint Center in Howell Michigan where he personally coached thousands of patients through their recovery after hip and knee replacement. Anxiety is a common condition before joint replacement and this can be easily reduced with a simple, organized and fun to follow plan.   In fact, an interesting study published in the Journal of Osteoarthritis and Cartilage in December, 2013 (21(12):1834-40) entitled Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms Before and After Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty: A prospective multicentre study by Duvenvoorden et al. revealed that almost 30% (27.9%) of patients had serious anxiety prior to a joint replacement surgery but this reduced to just 10% one year after the surgery.  So, it appears that anxiety is common and simple treatments help reduce these symptoms.   Our job at is to provide an organized approach to anyone expecting a joint replacement surgery.   You can choose packages proven to reduce pain and restore the function of your joints after most major orthopedic surgeries. Packages will also provide an effective, fun and helpful coaching module.  Starting anywhere from 6 weeks to 1 week prior to your surgery, you can receive e-mail newsletters providing you with valuable checklists and frequently asked questions about joint replacement. will also provide you with pre-operative exercises to improve strength prior to your surgery with our rehab kits.  A specially designed antibacterial soap, proven to reduce the rates of joint infections are used for 5 days prior to your surgery.  This not only reduces your chances for infection, but also helps reduce your anxiety about this devastating complication. Special vitamins and minerals help reduce your chances of blood transfusions and also stimulate skin, tendon and ligament healing.    But the service does not stop at the day of your surgery, will provide you with daily tips on your recovery including strategies to reduce pain, swelling and anxiety.   Our proven cryotherapy devices help reduce pain and swelling significantly and our leg elevators help reduce chronic congestion.    Every day for the first week after your surgery and at 3 weeks and 6 weeks you will receive our helpful tips to walk you through your recovery giving you goals and insight into your recovery.     We have also designed these packages to fit almost any budget.  You can choose from basic packages including all the important educational information to our upgraded will help you recover with less anxiety and complications will help you recover with less anxiety and complications

packages offering the finest in comfort and rehab.   Keep posted for details on the release of this program.

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  1. Robert Shultz

    I’m a 63 yr old male, I have had 2 TKR in my left leg..My doctor informed me that my leg is unstable due to the ligaments.. Also my leg bends backward when fully extended. Doctor told me I’m ready for my 3rd TKR and to let him know that when the stability is bad (falling) and pain level is at a point where I can’t take anymore is when we will do the TKR. Needless to say I want to try anything to prolong this.. I’m not sure what kind of brace I need..Can you advise. Thank you


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