Avoiding the Madness of Basketball Injuries

Dr. Edward Loniewski   March 5, 2015   Comments Off on Avoiding the Madness of Basketball Injuries

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The Sounds of Basketballs dribbling should help drown out the screams of injuries.


It has started….can you feel it? Can you hear the thousands of basketballs dribbling in gyms, sidewalks, and backyard driveways across the nation? The sights, sounds and excitement builds as 68 teams rounds down to that Sweet 16 in just one weekend and finally down to just 4 great teams. During this process, children and adults alike will run out to the gym or their own backyards to mimic the 10 second countdown to the final shot or the 40 foot three pointer. However, during these fantasy shots, it is not uncommon to twist a knee, ankle or foot easily leading to an end of your 10 second fantasy career in the NCAA tournament. This blog will help avoid these career ending and embarrassing injuries worthy of a post on YouTube!

Basketball injuries are really due to someone trying to violate the laws of physics. Throwing your upper body in one direction while the lower half heads in a 45 -90 degree different direction is bound to place an unnatural strain or twist to an ankle, knee, or back. To avoid these injuries, you should follow these simple basic concepts.
Warm up and Stretch– Cold, stiff limbs are doomed to injury. This is why every athlete performs a ritual of stretching; short bursts of sprints and some basic re-enactment of the most common body positions needed to play the game. This is called the warm up and no college team would ever dream of starting a game without this ancient ritual. You need to follow this ritual even if you are going to shot that last 10 second shot. Jointhealing.com offers a simple and inexpensive therabands to help warm up those muscles while providing an isometric gently stretch. Here is a link to some simple basketball warm ups to use along withe these bands.: Basketball Stretches
Protect Previously Injured Areas– We do know that history tends to repeat itself and thus, if you injured a ligament, muscle, tendon or joint, you are statistically significant increased risk for injuring that same area again. Some of these injuries can be prevented by bracing and protecting that same area. Some popular basketball braces include the Playmaker Brace by Don Joy. This popular knee brace has been around for a long time mainly because it actually works. This is lightweight and breathable with a non – neoprene sleeve called Drytex. For ankles, the Velocity brace was a great improvement over bulky, non,conforming and un-supportive ace wrap designs. This brace easily fits in your shoe and provides unparalleled support while still allowing you to flex, twist or turn.
Treat Injuries Quickly and Properly- If you do miss that last 10 second shoot and sprain your ankle or twist your knee, make sure you use the following rule of thumb (or knee or ankle!!!!) Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation otherwise known as R.I.C.E. Jointhealing.com offers all of these including Ice in the form of our popular Clear Cube or our Durakold knee/arm. These are great to provide you with some pain relief quickly while preventing the byproducts of injured tissues. The Aircast Ankle Sprain kit provides you with everything you will need to treat that sprained ankle including ice, compression, and a great ankle brace.

No matter if you are a Michigan State Spartan or a Stephen F. Austin Univeristy Lumberjack fan you can expect to be caught up in the madness but you can avoid being mad at yourself for a self inflicted injury. Just follow these basic guidelines with proper warm ups, protecting injured joints and treating injuries quickly with RICE.