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At, we offer the following to help people with baseball and softball injuries return to their sport:

ACL injuries

Learn more about ACL injuries. Often surgery is required to get your knee back in shape after an ACL tear, especially to play an aggressive sport like baseball or softball. However, you doctor may recommend a knee brace either before surgery or after surgery (to protect the graft). Our top-of-the-line DonJoy Legend Knee Brace has been designed for athletes to help stabilize the knee and allow return to sports. A more economical option (if not a little more "bulky") is the DonJoy Playmaker Knee Brace. To reduce swelling and discomfort in your knee, cryotherapy is a great option. Try our FIZIO by Recover Gear Knee Sleeve.

Meniscus tears

Learn more about meniscal tears. If you do need surgery for your meniscus, the fastest way to get back to play is with our DonJoy Drytex Hinged Knee Brace that will give you gentle support while the mensicus heals. To reduce swelling and discomfort in your knee, cryotherapy is a great option. Try our FIZIO by Recover Gear Knee Sleeve.


Cryotherapy is an excellent way to control the swelling and pain after contusions suffered in baseball or softball. Our PolarCare Cub excels in treating sports injuries because it does not require electricity, only ice. It is used by baseball and softball teams throughout the country to treat players on the bench. Also, be sure to check out our full line of FIZIO by Recover Gear cyrotherapy products.

Ankle sprains

Twisting the ankle is a very common injury for baseball and softball players. Usually the pain is sharp, and there is significant swelling. There is a difference between the treatment of acute sprains (first time, severe) and chronic sprains (recurrent, milder). Our Aircast Sprain Care Kit is designed for acute sprains, and our Ascend Stabilizer Ankle Brace is useful for people with recurrent sprains. To reduce swelling and discomfort in your ankle, cryotherapy is a great option. Try our FIZIO by Recover Gear Ankle Sleeve.

Rotator cuff tendonitis

Overuse of the rotator cuff muscles is common in throwing athletes. Typically a directed physical therapy program can be of benefit in treating these problems. Our Deluxe Shoulder Therapy Set is designed to help you do rotator cuff strengthening and stretching exercises at home to not only treat a current problem, but prevent future problems as well. To reduce swelling and discomfort in your shoulder, cryotherapy is a great option. Try our FIZIO by Recover Gear Shirt to help get your shoulder on the mend.

Knee tendonitis

Similar to rotator cuff tendonitis, knee tendonitis is caused by overuse, typically lots of running/stopping in baseball or softball. Again, the key to treating this problem is strengthening of the muscles about the knee. Certainly strength training in the gym is a good way to do this, if done properly. However if the knees are really sore, our Deluxe Knee Therapy Kit is a more "gentle" alternative, until you regain enough strength to get back into the gym. To reduce swelling and discomfort in your knee, cryotherapy is a great option. Try our FIZIO by Recover Gear Knee Sleeve.

Solution 1

SE-4 Legend.jpg

DonJoy SE-4 Point (Legend) Knee Brace

4-Points-of-Leverage System

Malleable thigh and calf cuffs for an improved fit

Low profile (0.080 – 0.125” thick), lightweight aircraft grade aluminum frame with durable, non-chip Kraton coating

Slide shield on lateral hinge inhibits dirt and other particulates

Air Condyle Pads Extra

set of suede frame liners included

Flexion and extension control

1 year warranty on frame and hinges

Options: ACL, PCL, or Combined Instability (CI) strap configurations

Solution 2


DonJoy Playmaker

The DonJoy Playmaker is a great all-around knee brace. It is designed to control most types of knee instability and is useful in virtually all sports, including contact sports. It is useful for ACL and PCL tears, MCL and LCL tears, and contact sports. This product comes in sizes small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large and even XXX-large!

Solution 3

DonJoy Velocity Ankle-MS.jpg

DonJoy Velocity MS Ankle Brace

The functional DonJoy Velocity MS Ankle Brace helps give you support for your weak ankle or ankle sprain treatment. This brace is designed to help you get back to the activities you enjoy, even if your ankles are weak and subject to repeated sprains. This product comes in sizes small, medium and large for both men and women.

Solution 4


DonJoy TEAM Ankle Therapy Kit

This set is designed to be used as exercise equipment by people with ankle problems, at home. If you have a door in your house, you can use everything in this kit.

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