Athlete Profile - Ray Umashankar

Ray Umashankar

Dean Ray Umashankar is not just Assistant Dean & Director of the Virtual Development Center at the University of Arizona, he is also an avid mountain-climber and high-altidude trekker.

In his 60s and with an artificial hip, he is not your stereotypical sedate university administrator. In addition to mountain-climbing, he enjoys parasailing and white water rafting.

In September 2002, he undertook the scaling of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa, as both a personal challenge, and in memory of his son, Naren.

Ray Umashankar Climbs Mt. kilimanjaro!

“It is better to have an impossible dream than not to have a dream at all!”

Prior to leaving on his trip, Ray obtained a pair of DonJoy J Braces to help with his symptoms of chondromalacia patella. His primary pain, underneath his kneecap, especially on downhill descent, was significantly relieved by these braces.

Ray tells us, “I successfully summited Kilimanjaro on the early hours of Friday September 27th. We started the summit assault at 11 pm on Thursday night. The reason they give for the night climb is that you get to see the sun rising over Africa. I think the real reason is that any sane person, if he saw how steep the final climb is in daylight will decide not to go on!“

Ray Umashankar Climbs Mt. kilimanjaro!

Ray, on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, wearing his JointHealing.Com DonJoy J Braces

“There is no way I could have come down the steep trail without the knee supports.”

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