Ascend Stabilizer Ankle Brace

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Our Ascend Stabilizer ankle brace is designed to give support and stability to the person with an injured or weak ankle. It is the perfect solution for people with recurrent sprains, or who want to protect their ankle after a recent injury such as a bad sprain or fracture.
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This functional brace helps give you support for your weak ankle. Our top-of-the-line ankle support sports brace is the Ascend Stabilizer. Made by EBI, one of the country's foremost brace manufacturers, this brace is designed to help you get back to the activities you enjoy, even if your ankles are weak and subject to repeated sprains.

Who needs this brace:

•Any person who has a history of recurrent (repeated) ankle sprains.

•Anyone who plays high-performance sports and is worried about their ankle stability.

•A person who is recovering from a sprained ankle and wants to give their ankle further support while it heals.

•Someone who has fractured their ankle before and wants to provide protection when they are very active.

Quite honestly, we do not think that you will find a better brace! You certainly cannot find anything of this quality at a sporting goods store!

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