TREATMENT - Arthroscopy Mensicus Tear Surgery

Meniscus tear surgery is usually performed arthroscopically. Most surgery for meniscus tears involves simply trimming the torn portion of your meniscus. Since that meniscus is not functioning anyway, it is only creating more harm by inflamming your knee and irritating the cartilage near it.

However, if your meniscus is torn near its outer edge, then a meniscus repair may be possible. Typically your surgeon can only tell this at the time of your arthroscopy. It is definitely in your benefit to try to repair the meniscus if possible. Unfortunately, it is the rare tear that is actually able to be repaired. If your doctor is able to repair your meniscus, more than likely he/she will recommend a "range of motion brace" such as the DonJoy IROM to protect the knee after surgery.

After surgery, you will need to follow your doctor's instructions, especially if you had a repair of the meniscus. As a general guideline for people who have had a meniscectomy, or trimming of the meniscus tear:

  • First, you need to control your pain. Cryotherapy is a wonderful way to do this, especially after surgery. Our PolarCare Cub and DuraKold systems are specifically designed for this.
  • Second, you need to regain your motion. 
  • Third, you need to regain your strength. 
  • If there was arthritis found at the time of your surgery, even if mild, you should probably consider taking glucosamine to help prevent it from getting worse.
  • If you still have problems with a feeling of mild discomfort after surgery, our DonJoy Comfort Knee Brace can be of help.


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