The first step is to get your pain under control.

This should be done regardless of whether you plan to have surgery or not. Because of the swelling (caused by blood in the knee), the knee will be difficult to extend (make straight) for several days. Cryotherapy is an important aide in relieving pain and decreasing the swelling. You can use an icebag if you wish, but that can be inconvenient and messy. If you have significant swelling or pain, we think you will find our Breg PolarCare Cub, our DonJoy IceMan or our DuraSoft Knee products of help in maintaining joint comfort.

Second, get your motion back!

It is imperative to get the motion in your knee back as quickly as possible (after resting for a few days) to prevent a permanent loss of motion ("contracture"). This is achieved with various exercises. If you have access to a gym or physical therapy, great. Other people may benefit from our Deluxe Knee Therapy Kit. This will help you to do exercises in the comfort of your home and not have to worry about getting out of the house to get to physical therapy or the gym. In addition, your doctor will often recommend a brace, such as the DonJoy IROM brace, to help you regain motion while protecting the knee from further injury.

Important note: Even if you plan to have the ACL reconstructed, most orthopedic surgeons will not reconstruct your knee until you have regained your motion! The reason is simple; if you start off with a stiff knee before surgery, you will end up with a stiff knee after surgery.

Once you regain your motion, the decision needs to made whether you will need surgery. Click Next to find out more:

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