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Breg Airmesh PTO Knee Brace Package

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We are pleased to offer the Breg Airmesh PTO patellar knee brace with an open back in a Right and Left set package. This package deal saves you $30.00 off list price. The PTO is one of the world's most relied-upon brace for the treatment of kneecap (patella) problems, including

Patella subluxation
Patella dislocation
Chronic patellar maltracking
Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Excess lateral pressure syndrome
Anterior knee pain
Patellar tendonitis
Post surgical lateral release (arthroscopic or open)
Post patella realignment surgery

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The Breg PTO knee brace effectively reduces and treats pain and instability from patellar maltracking. Typically, this is the most common cause of knee pain in women — from teenage years to middle age. It can also affect men, as well. The brace features a patented Cawley Tension Hinge, that is proven to normalize patellar tracking at the most critical point of knee motion: full extension. This is the part of motion when the knee cap is most likely to slide outwards (laterally) and cause either pain or subluxation. By dynamically adjusting the amount of compression applied from the lateral pressure plate on the buttress, the Cawley Tension Hinge aids in pain relief by forming a soft tissue wall that controls patellar subluxation. Most other braces on the market tighten the restraint to lateral subluxation as the knee flexes — that's not where you need it most. The PTO is specifically designed to tighten its patellar restraint as the knee straightens (comes into extension).

In accordance with our philosophy of offering products we recommend for our own patients, we recommend the Airmesh fabric style of this brace. While it is also available in neoprene (via special order from us — please contact us), we believe this fabric is more breathable and comfortable.

The Breg PTO knee brace also has light covered hinges to give your knee additional support in side to side motions, which is how it differs from our other popular patellofemoral brace, the DonJoy J knee brace. Many insurance companies have stopped reimbursement for patellofemoral knee braces if they don't include medial/lateral supports and hinges; you should verify with your insurer if you plan to pursue reimbursement.

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